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Kira of Senftenriver

Родословная/Pedigree - Kira of Senftenriver, MCO, black, 10.12.2012


Joker vom Wellenbach

Maine Coon

Blue w/white



Pillowtalk`s Flash Light


black classic tabby

CoolMotion`s Angel-Sky

MCO/ black

Pillowtalk`s Xtra Energie

MCO/ black classic tabby

Timberhills Chelsea

MCO/black tortie

Pillowtalk`s United Colours

MCO/black classic torbie

Cool Motion`s Chipsy

MCO/ black classic tabby w/white

Pillowtalk`s Velvet

MCO/blue classic torbie

Oldmillriver`s Confetti


Blue tortie w/white

Lowriders Eastwood

MCO/cream classic tabby w/white

Little Big Man of Black Youcon Cat`s

MCO/ black classic tabby w/white

Lowriders Butterfly

MCO/blue tortie

Nastasia of Danube River

MCO/blue tortie smoke w/white

Kimba von Vohburg

MCO/red classic tabby w/white

Francis of Canadia Spirits

MCO/blue tortie smoke


Endless Kiss the Bewest-Coon

Maine Coon

Black classic torbie w/white


Big Giants Resort`s Walk of Life



Big Giants Deep Purple



Endless Cat`s devil in the sky

MCO/ black classic tabby

Bossanova of Baydar

MCO/ black classic tabby w/white

Aldaker`s Dana

MCO/ red


Csakscoon E Goran

MCO/ red classic tabby w/white

Mosegaarden`s Bella Donna

MCO// black classic torbie w/white

Fire DeviLs Amber

MCO/ black classic torbie w/white


Paradis Coon`s Future Boy

MCO/ blue classic tabby w/white

Elite of Rainbow Valley*CZ

MCO/ blue classic tabby w/white

Lara of Crazy Magic

MCO/ blue classic tabby

Darkland Charia

MCO/ black tortie w/white


Sleepyhollow Guipago

MCO/ red silver cl.tabby w/white

Catdancer`s Yasim

MCO/ black silver mc.torbie w/white