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Provenance breed Maine Coon

History of Maine Coon geographically linked with the state of Maine in the north-western United States. This Maine Coon rightly awarded the title of "national pride."

Natural origin of Maine Coon currently has scientifically confirmed, but, nevertheless, there is still a lot of history, of the emergence of Maine Coon as a legend. Validate the accuracy of these stories - the problem, of course, questionable, yet they still be interested in the Maine Coon enthusiastic person. One legend says that Maine Coons are descended from crossing the cat and enotihi. As evidence of this fantastic theory is chic striped tail Maine Coon, allegedly inherited from the mother raccoon. Another story says that the appearance of the breed Maine Coon cat is associated with crossing the North American lynx. As proof of the plausibility of this version are pronounced brushes on ears Maine Coon.

In general, the occurrence of Maine Coons are still shrouded in mystery with a thin coating. But felinologists who study the origin of the Maine Coon, argue that this breed - the result of the natural evolution of the American cat population of the metropolis.

"First" is the Maine Coon cat named Captain Jenks-from-Sea-Horse. He proudly showed to the world at shows in Boston and New York in 1861 and started the popularity of the breed.
Life in the wild nature of the effect on the appearance of the Maine Coon.

Maine Coons had to cope with the harsh and snowy winters, and because they are the owners of a thick, dense coat. When frost is particularly rampant, an escape from the cold for the Maine Coon become fluffy, voluminous tail, which the representatives of the breed "bundled up" winter nights.

Maine Coons are always considered "hunting" breed. In the early days of rock were imminent threat of rodent plague the American farm. Because of hunting abilities (in addition to an impressive size, ruggedness of care and friendly nature) Maine Coons were indispensable companion farms. To fully implement the Maine coon hunting their talents, nature endowed them smart, sensitive whiskers, whiskers, which not only capture the slightest movement of rodents victims, but also instantly determine the obstacles in the way of their owner.

Now Maine Coon - favorites of children and adults around the world. And, although now the Maine coon, usually do not have to live in nature and show their hunting talents, they retained their natural features and unique!