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Maine Coon: The nature

Maine Coon have many wonderful and nice features. Despite its impressive size, Maine Coons are known for their sweet and immediate - it notes and breeders and specialists felinologists, and lovers of the breed.

Imagine that you live next to a cat, the size of which is much higher than usual for us to all sizes of cats, but the nature of which the softness and friendliness surpasses all other animals. Such are the Maine Coon!

If you decide you want to settle in his home maine coon, if you have not looked in the nursery once the breed or about going to do to choose the next pet, but now - it's time to begin to explore the nature and feature behavior of cats Maine Coon.

First things first, that is, from childhood. Maine Coon kittens - is a funny, playful, restless kids. But at the same time - and this is especially nice for the owners of small urban apartments - for them is almost never seen excessive "destructive" activity. Moreover, the nature of each individual is determined by the Maine Coon breed not only features, but also the results of your influence: Maine Coon kittens perfectly amenable to education. You are free to "decide" what will be your Maine Coon: calm, active, fun, low-key ... Unless, of course, to work on it accordingly upbringing.

Adult Maine Coon is generally not particularly mobile, but this does not prevent them to be responsive and attentive to their owners. Adult Maine Coon - rather, observers: choosing a suitable location for the review, your Maine Coon will be followed with interest and patience to contemplate what is happening around, as needed (and interest) by taking part in events happening around him. In this case, the Maine Coon will always do it gently - it just always side by side, trying to be quiet and unobtrusive (as will its size). Maine Coon does not need a large space. Favorable environment for the cats of this breed could become a city apartment. Ideally, of course, if your Maine Coon will be small but for him the space provided where it can easily sharpen claws, play, relax ... this is perfect for a special cat "house" with several "donors", hammocks and vertical scratching posts. The main thing - make sure that this structure was stable to support the weight of Maine Coon.

Maine Coons are friendly not only to the people, they are well socialize and make friends with all the other pets. Many owners say that by appearing in a new family, the Maine Coon is behaving as freely and naturally as if held there for life. According to this principle Maine Coon and give birth to chat with all the inhabitants of the house - like the "old friends."

Unique features of the Maine Coon is the nature of innate pride and self-esteem. Maine Coon will never beg or calculate the time to steal a piece of food on the table.
Another unusual feature of the Maine Coon - their voice. Usual meows from Maine Coon you hear or hear often. "Talk" to the Maine Coon peculiar purring - a soft, purring and very diverse. They are like you are talking in their own language, filled with multi-faceted intonations!

Dobryakov sociable character peculiar to all representatives of Maine Coon. Naturally, the individual features are inherent in each of the Maine Coon, so often to look closely to their students, study them, draw conclusions and to bring up their best pets!