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Maine Coon. about the breed

Maine Coons - one of the most interesting and unusual breeds of cats. What is the Maine Coon is so amazing? First, the representatives of this breed - the largest domestic cats in the world. Adult cats Maine Coon easily reach a weight of 7-9 kg, and cats - and 10-12 kg. In the history of the Maine Coon has repeatedly been cases when some cats breed lines grew to more than 15 kg! Of course, such an impressive weight gradually dialed - Maine Coon kittens can grow up to 2-3 years.

Maine Coons can live together with humans. And it's not just that they are safe to deal with - not one of the Maine Coon is not claws without sufficient cause - but also in the very nature of these animals: Maine Coons are very sociable, kind and gentle, but This completely self-sufficient and independent. Despite the large size of these cats, about Maine Coons say they are kittens life: they are mobile, playful, never bored and under no circumstances will miss their home. Maine Coons are often "talk" with their masters, clearly pronouncing some words, such as "mom", perfectly able to capture the human spirit. With strangers they certainly behave somewhat wary, but open hostility to man, as a rule, do not express - rather, it will be restrained curiosity and desire to learn.

Despite its size and some features of the exterior, issuing their natural origin - "lynx" brushes on ears, thick hair, big expressive eyes, toned, muscular body and powerful legs - Maine Coons if specifically try to maximize the image of the domestic cat: they live with people in order to bring them joy! Maine Coons, even the Maine Coon kitten, very careful - you're unlikely to run into problems such as litter, torn books, overturned flower pots or rent his furniture (unless, of course, put a scratching post and give her a couple of coon toys).

Maine Coons are quite unpretentious and does not require any special care. Moreover, they are ready to take care of their hosts, comforting them in times of sadness and sharing with them their joys. Maine Coon - the custodian of home comfort and a daily example of what is possible each day to enjoy life and to remain open to the world.

Maine Coons, even kittens, get along well with children, without providing for them is absolutely no threat. Maine Coons are easily tamed, but, of course, require a return of warm relationships, attention and affection. Imagine that you and I live is extraordinary, wonderful animal that can dispel all fatigue and bad thoughts, set on a wave of comfort and peace - is a pleasure!

If you choose to let into your life Maine coon kitten, first of all need to pay attention to the purity of the breed and the health of your pet, which you acquire. The best place to choose a pet - a specialized maine coon. Turning to the mono-maine coon, you can be sure that the chosen kitten is healthy representative of his species, which fulfill all the characteristics of this breed.