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Advice to future owners of cats

You never kept cats. You may have a deep childhood dragged out of the sandbox wet trembling kitten, perhaps at the cottage next door to you wandered big male, and you poured it into a saucer of milk (of course, milk, You never kept cats, and the fact that cats are fed mainly with milk - the same strange, is not known where grafted stamp as that hedgehogs love apples and all the while hauling them on their pins and needles, it is not clear where and why).

And now you someone wise told me that cats are great anti-stress (absolutely true) correctly recognizes energy-correct places in the house (absolutely true), not for nothing that they have made the first in Russia to a new home, the owners give their love is not worse dogs (absolutely true), but a walk despite the cold, heat, or a tsunami with no need.

Or you saw on TV a Maine Coon stars and feel that this is the star pales against the backdrop of grace and spontaneity of your pet and then desperately longed for .. not a star, not at all .., soft fluffy wild grace, with long tufts on the ears!

Or a distant friend invited you to visit the new home boasts a prestigious suburb, and your imagination was struck not by square meters, and the great unseen cat lying on a leather couch in the host's entire length. "God, who is it?" - Exclaim in delight, and you hear in response, "Maine Coon, he was only 11 months, it has yet to grow and grow!"

Thus, the decision was made! And now you have to ask yourself a bunch of questions.

Прежде всего – кот или кошка?

First of all - male or female?

From this important issue, as the streams flow issues defining:

- Are you prepared to ensure that your pet will wander for days through the streets in search of adventure and personal life? No? Are you ready to drown kittens in an old aluminum bucket? No? Are you ready to castrate your pet?

If any one of these questions you answered yes - we have moved!


If you want to grow every year, kittens, the right choice - it is a female!

If you are ready to once a month to observe the cat's love games, the right choice - an excellent pedigree males!

If you are not afraid of sterilization, it comes in your choice of character traits: males, despite the stereotypes, more affectionate and playful, females are more independent.

If you're reckless, you turns the heads of the taste of victory on his lips, the right choice to be an animal that you make an excellent show career!

If your goal is - just love, just pride in his handsome, and   Harmony, which he will make to your home and your life (not to be confused with the ideal procedure, we also understand that Kuhn did not break only that either the cabinet door is closed, or glued to the tableJ ), You made your choice!


So, you decided.


As for the color advice we give you will not. About the taste and color to all known proverb. We recall only that all colors are acceptable Coon, except chocolate, lilac, cinnamon (more simply put - the color of cinnamon) and fawn (translation - deer, light-purple with pink nasal).

Pointed drawings are unacceptable (primitive words - like a Siamese females ).

Then - all that your imagination enough. Do you like-colored females (solid, professionally speaking), or other colors - you decide:

The solid (Solid Class) with a well full colored hair from root to tip.

White (White)

Black (Black)

Blue (Blue)

Red, on the professional language - Red (Red)

Cream from light to dark (Cream)

Tubby (Tabby Color Class). Tubby ekipedii in Glos: «Tubby — pattern on the coat. All tabbies have thin lines on the face, expressive eyes of Stroke, and forming the letter "M" on his forehead. If you look at the hair close, we see that each hair colored dark and light stripes. This alternation is called "Agouti". It is considered that the tabby —is the original color of the females, so otherwise it is called "wild color", ie characteristic of small wild females "

Marble (Classic Tabby Pattern)

Tiger (Mackerel Tabby Pattern)

Torby (Patched Tabby Pattern)

Silver(Silver Tabby)

Red brindle / harlequin / Torby(Red Tabby (classic / mackerel)

Black brindle / harlequin / Torby (Brown Tabby (classic / mackerel/patched)

Blue brindle / harlequin / Torb(Blue Tabby (classic / mackerel/patched))

Cream brindle / harlequin / Torby (Cream Tabby (classic / mackerel)

Cameo brindle / harlequin / Torby (Cameo Tabby (classic / mackerel)

Tabby with white (Tabby with White)

A bag with a white (Patched Tabby with White)

Tortie, Tortie with White (Parti-Color Class)

Turtle (Totoiseshell) - random spots all over his body red and black colors. Layman it is useful to know that the turtles are just females, females - one in a hundred, and they are always sterile (ie not produce offspring).

Tortie with white (Totoiseshell with White)

Calico (Calico)

Weakened by calico (Dilute Calico)

Blue-Cream (Blue-Cream)

Blue-Cream with white (Blue-Cream with White)

Bi-Color (Bi-Color) – combination of a strictly two-color, much darker colored skin, less - not painted, white.

Tippingovye colors(Smoke, Silver, Cameo)

Silver colors are characterized by illumination of a certain area of each hair to white.

Smoke - half of each hair is colored, the other half is white.

Cameo (shaded) - 1 \ 3 of the tip of the hair is colored, the rest white.

Black Smoke (Black Smoke)

Blue Smoke (Blue Smoke)

Red Smoke (Red Smoke)

Blue-Cream Smoke (Blue-Cream Smoke)

Tortie Smoke (Tortie Smoke)


When you understand what colors you "murchat" can begin to find their animal. And it is important to catch the tail of its "IwouldimmediatelybuythismalesthatIwouldseethe" first It is better to wait until the femeles show in your town. Typein the Internet "femeles" in the systemWCF, TICA, FIFЕ.Go there as a family. First of all - have fun, and a storm of emotions, and secondly - understand how you know nothing about cats. Feel free to ask questions of breeders at the show. They come back, if not exclusively for this purpose, to a large degree! Do not worry if you feel that you can not properly formulate the question, and it seems naive. Nothing should stand between you and your desire to choose the future pet!

Search the Internet different catterys. Read, pay attention to the tone presentation. Well, if your site is not just a few warm words about each of Mike Farley, but also laid out his pedigree, ideally - the test result is available on the genetic disease.

Go to page "Our plans are." If you feel that you want a kitten is from this couple, it's time to contact the cattery and see if there is a chance the baby book.


You're in luck, and a nursery you liked the cat family is in the city where you live. Would you like towatch your baby,and it can be understood. Do not be surprised if the owners will give you that opportunity, you will be asked to remove shoes and outer garments may be asked to wear a disposable gown and in the bathroom, except soap, will offer hand sanitizer. Still do not give a child in his hands, offered to look  from the hands of the breeder.

Treat with an understanding of this situation, because the kids are not vaccinated, and you for them - a real hotbed of infection. Breeders believe that you could go to other breeders, are not known to them, which may be present any infection. Moreover, if you visit the cattery, where breeders are not taking such measures to protect their "children" are not competent feline would advise you to buy an animal in a cattery.

Be sure to ask whether there is a cattery of your veterinarian. This is usually several doctors of different specializations.

Take a good look at the baby. Not having a great experience, it is difficult to choose the best kitty litter, but most likely you do not need to be correct. It all comes when you choose a third Kuhn (and such a time must come, even now you do not believe me). You just need a good healthy Kunenok. Take a look, so he will not flowed from the eye to the nose clean. See how the baby puts foot - front legs should not be turned, "as a dancer," and the rear should not be Iksom. Of course, we're talking about kittens 2 - 3 months. Babies under two months is too chubby legs-neuklyuzherazezzhayuschiesya to be able to say exactly whether the child puts them. In fact, all - like lyudeyJ. In addition to brushes! In Kunyat brushes are expressed almost from birth, so if they do not have a kitten, it's just not Maine kunJ

Remember that the baby leaves the family home is not earlier than 3 - 3.5 months. This is due to vaccination schedule - first, with a proper system of education and socialization of the females Child - Second.

Along with the baby you get a standard set of documents:

- Sale and Purchase Agreement with the conditions of purchase of a kitten (if the kitten is not sold for breeding, sterilization by, it should be stipulated in the contract, as stipulated, if you decide with your new pet to join the Parent Сattery.)

-Veterinary certificate of international standard and the dates of vaccination, deworming and stamped veterinary clinic.

Preparing your own home for the reception of a new family member of the caudate.

A set of simple and logical, intuitive:

- Tray filler (in common parlance - WC). The peculiarity consists in the fact that Coon females more than usual, so the pet store you have to say that you get a Maine Coon, and you will be shown the so-called bio-toilet with a door to enter, and the filters in the roof. This is all the more cattery that all Kuna these intimate moments of digging as if hoping to find oil in the tray. If you do not take care of a confined space, all that flies out from under its feet, will be on your floor and walls.

- Bowls for food (2 pcs.) And water. Buying a bowl, and call the seller breed. Most likely you will send to the department for dogs J. Two bowls are needed because the dry food in Kuhn should stand forever. The second bowl - for soft foods, if you stopped to canned or bulk feeding - no matter.

- The place where baby can sleep. It is likely that he oblyubuet a mantelpiece, window sill, or a comfortable chair. It does not matter. Special place it is still supposed to be. If you decide to buy a house cat, remember that the Kunama, like anyone else, training is required of the muscles. Coon weighs much more than any other cat, and hence the load on the joints of his cat anymore, and they need to protect the strong muscles, which is why optimally, if your house for cats will be at least one scratching post from floor to ceiling (installed vraspor and does not take up much space) . If you are willing to take a couple of meters of the house or apartment "kunokompleksu", then make sure that it contains little house or "kunolozha» J, so the baby will be their personal space, as a rule, they prefer to place higher. The complex can be ordered at the store, but make sure it is strength, and also to order a product specifically for the interior, most likely in this workshop will offer you a guarantee.

Toys that can drive on home. For example, a ball or a special rattle for kittens.

- Scratching posts. Talk to breeders, find out to what used to scratching baby. It is best if you buy the same type of scratching your baby to be easier to navigate in the new house.

This is a permanent set of.

Then - "Consumables» J - filling a tray, dry food, canned food, if you decide to purchase-fed food. A set of vitamins and minerals if you are targeting a natural breast. In this regard, you should consult with the breeder so the transition was too abrupt. Also, be aware that the natural feeding requires quite a lot of experience, so if you do decide to go this route, at every step of the check with the breeder, do not strayed from the path you)