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About us

Our cattery is called ParentPride. «Why is that?» you might ask. First word is easy to understand – because it is a paternal home of your, our Dear Guest, possible future kitten. The second word rushed to us spontaneously.

Dictionary quote: Pride — related group of lions. You remember Simba's Pride from the «Lion King 2», don’t you? As soon as you make your acquaintance with Coons you won’t anymore be surprised that lions speak human language. Coons can definitely talk and understanding their meowing is not too hard.

They are also very fluent at saying «mama»!

We often recall the time we came to Lioncoon Moscow cattery to find our first snow white girl and her mama declaimed: «Who might you be? Why did you breeze in my bedroom? Don’t you see I have small kind in here? …and that I’m not dressed properly? And how can you be so impolite entering like that and ruining family peace? They’ve won our hearts!

«Pride consists of one or a number of adult males (usually not more than 4), a number of mature females (harem) and their kidlings (lions of both genders)».

We thought that mother-nature is so clever and decided to just take it's steam lined path. Who are we: Lena, Marina, Alla and Karina. Lena is a real human doctor and it was in a logical sense for her to also become a cat-doctor, and also attend to the felinologist-school. As for Marina, Masha, Alla and Karina, they just love our cats and, while listening to advice of the wise Ones, keep raising their kidlings.

Also, the only difference between our cattery and the real lion pride is that we raise Maine Coons, not lions. On the other hand, take a closer look, take a glance into their eyes – Is there such a huge difference? Our cats are exactly the same with their massive size, unspeakable gracefulness and proudness! They are fondly caring while raising their children but not without parental righteousness. In particular, mother-cats are the ones who introduce their kittens to the litter box while they are too small to walk and to the scratching pole when they get older, not humans as you might have thought.

Our cats are perfect ladies, unspeakably beautiful, with a number of different colors!

We could say that our cats are our full-fledged family members but it wouldn't have been totally true. Frankly speaking – they are in charge of our homes. In the morning we feed them first and only after that think if we have time left for breakfast. We do not raise our kittens in crates and do not invite guests while our kittens are small, we also take our shoes and outdoor clothes BEFORE we enter our homes. And this joke has more truth in it than it has humor! We are truly, incurably and totally taking our cats to heart. That is why we are closely monitoring the whole Pride’s health offspring breeding abilities. Also, that is why all our cats are social, polite and have positive passion. And not least, for that very reason they do not respond to “kitty-kitty” but their own names, and are so great in understanding our words! And, equally important, that is why they do understand that love and respect to each other are above all in each family. These values are taught to them since birth and they are ready and willing to return the same at full!

Cats are not our hobby, not our profession, nor it is our income source.

Cats are our love, our philosophy, our passion and our attainment of life.

When we were taking our first cat home, we were so touched and our hearts were so moved by her. Since that time we have gained a lot of experience in breeding.

As any “true” breeder does, we strive to obtain the ideal breed. But we also work on choosing the best possible parameters. Getting more and more large brood we endeavor to elude “stretching”, thus saving the heavy bone frame given to Maine Coons by nature and history and, not insignificant, strong artus, for which we are constantly and honestly complimented by cat show judges.

We value the rare colors and our cattery has such patterns as solid white and solid blue. White Coons oftentimes have poor health but we are very lucky – our Eva is a gorgeous snow white from Lion Coon giving us healthy get of extraordinary beauty and magnificent type so we can propose them to true Maine Coon enthusiasts.

All our animals are passing the genetical HCM tests.

Hoping for your understanding, our Dear Guest, we will have to get to know you a little bit better before we deciding to conclude a kitten sales agreement.

As you may have been asked during marriage, we will ask you to make a vow if your decision to have a pet is sincere, of free will and deliberate. And only after we hear «yes», we will continue the conversation. We must be sure that the «child» will become a full-fledged family member, that he will receive your love, care and necessary attending. From our part, we promise to always help you if in need, that is because you will already be not just a Dear Guest but also a near relative of our cat-family!